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06-12-2024HDPiperCapt Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree - reel (RSPBA version)
06-12-2024HDPiperaustralian ladies 2-4 (RSPBA version)
06-12-2024HDPiperdornie ferry - strathspey (RSPBA version)
06-06-2024Ramon AA AllenTime to Say Goodbye
05-13-2024Alan AEPaddy's epic journey(3)
05-13-2024Alan AEPaddy's epic journey2
05-13-2024Alan AEPaddy's epic journey (1)
05-11-2024bmeinJohn MacColl's Farewell To The Scottish Horse
05-07-2024Daimond Anniversary March
05-05-2024WigiPiperBritches in/full of Stitches
03-29-2024WigiPiperTell Me Ma
03-23-2024Derek ShepherdAlexanders Farewell
03-19-2024Mull Of Kintyre
03-19-2024bmeinHighland Donald Kissed Kitty
03-14-2024bmeinCullen House
02-28-2024bmeinThe Strathspey King
02-27-2024Ramon AA Allen The Galway Shawl
02-26-2024Captain Waa Waa
02-22-2024Charlie`s Welcome
02-19-2024British Caledonial Airways Pipe Band
02-15-2024bmeinSaint Andrew's Cross
02-13-2024HDPiperJohnnie's Tune (3-4 retreat)
02-13-2024HDPiperJack's Welcome Home v2
02-11-2024Scott WrightChumash Cass
02-08-2024Chris PiperThe Spirit of the Tattoo
02-06-2024Ramon Allen JCDPerfect
02-03-2024The Ardvasar Blacksmith
02-02-2024The Cowal Gathering 1911 (6/8 March)
02-01-2024Cowal Gathering
02-01-2024Cowal Gathering
01-30-2024HDPiperMeeting of The Waters (Retreat March)
01-23-2024bmeinLinlithgow Palace
01-12-2024bmeinPeggy MacLean