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03-29-2024WigiPiperTell Me Ma
03-23-2024Derek ShepherdAlexanders Farewell
03-19-2024Mull Of Kintyre
03-19-2024bmeinHighland Donald Kissed Kitty
03-14-2024bmeinCullen House
02-28-2024bmeinThe Strathspey King
02-27-2024Ramon AA Allen The Galway Shawl
02-26-2024Captain Waa Waa
02-22-2024Charlie`s Welcome
02-19-2024British Caledonial Airways Pipe Band
02-15-2024bmeinSaint Andrew's Cross
02-13-2024HDPiperJack's Welcome Home v2
02-13-2024HDPiperJohnnie's Tune (3-4 retreat)
02-11-2024Scott WrightChumash Cass
02-08-2024Chris PiperThe Spirit of the Tattoo
02-06-2024Ramon Allen JCDPerfect
02-03-2024The Ardvasar Blacksmith
02-02-2024The Cowal Gathering 1911 (6/8 March)
02-01-2024Cowal Gathering
02-01-2024Cowal Gathering
01-30-2024HDPiperMeeting of The Waters (Retreat March)
01-23-2024bmeinLinlithgow Palace
01-12-2024bmeinPeggy MacLean
12-31-2023Composer: Phillip Graeme Lawson.Douglas' March To Teba
12-29-2023bmeinMiss MacGregor's Favourite
12-25-2023bmeinStirling Castle
12-05-2023Hard Times Come Again No More
12-03-2023mdpiper02Children 4 parts,The v3
12-01-2023bmeinThe C.E.F. In The Battle For Hill 70
11-29-2023Redford Cottage
11-26-2023bmeinEchoes From Caithness
11-25-2023B. Crittenden FreemanWha'll Be King But Charlie
11-25-2023B. Crittenden FreemanWha'll Be King But Charlie V2
11-23-2023The Sweet Maid of Mull
11-22-2023bmeinThe 78th Highlanders March
11-19-2023Big Road Brusher ,The
11-18-2023The Big Road Brusher
11-17-2023Irish Soldier Boy
11-14-2023TopcatLough Erin's Shore
11-12-2023B. Crittenden FreemanMorning Has Broken
11-10-2023Port - REMT 2023Aileen Robertson's Dancing Feet
11-10-2023Port - REMT 2023Aileen Robertson's Dancing Feet
11-10-2023REMT 2023Am Bata Rannach - Slow Air
11-10-2023REMT 2023 Loch Ruan-March - REMT 2023 tune #
11-10-2023REMT 2023Gardens of Skye-March - REMT 2023 tune #2
11-10-2023REMT 2023Kilkenneth Cottage-March - REMT 2023 tune #3
11-10-2023REMT 2023Am Bata Rannach-Slow Air - REMT 2023 tune #4
11-10-2023REMT 2023Dornoch Links-March - REMT 2023 tune #5
11-10-2023REMT 2023The MacKenzie Highlanders' March-March - REMT 2023 tune #6
11-10-2023REMT 2023Old Toasty-Hornpipe - REMT 2023 tune #7
11-10-2023REMT 2023Aileen Robertson's Dancing Feet-Puirt - REMT 2023 tune #8
11-10-2023REMT 2023Car In The Woods-Reel - REMT 2023 tune #9
11-10-2023REMT 2023Sniffing the Whisky-Reel - REMT 2023 tune #10 (and last)
10-30-2023bmeinSeaforth's Strathspey
10-19-2023The Ale is Dear (Gagetown version)
10-18-2023bmeinAlexander William Craig Seaforth Highlanders
10-15-2023HDPiperabercairney highlanders 2-4 (Scots Guards v1 p106)
10-14-2023B. Crittenden FreemanThe Barn Dance
10-13-2023bmeinCameron of Corrychoillie's March
10-07-2023Alan AENorman MacLean Of Lora
10-05-2023bmeinLieutenant Colonel D.J.S. Murray
10-04-2023bmeinThe 92nd Volunteers
09-12-2023bmeinLady Carmichael of Castlecraig
09-09-202310th Argylls at Venice. The
09-08-2023bmeinFarquhar MacRae
09-08-2023LochielBB Centenary 1983
09-07-2023Gilbert MacKayHurricane Jack
09-04-2023Gilbert MacKayHow Can I Keep From Singing
09-03-2023bmeinA Scottish Ramble
08-13-2023bmeinThe Maids of the Black Glen
08-09-2023B Crittenden FreemanForest Lodge V2
07-28-2023bmeinThe Brig O' Blair
07-22-2023B. Crittenden FreemanLt Vince Ayub Knoxville PD
07-20-2023Hungarian Fiddler and the Gypsy Girl,The
07-19-2023bmeinThe Edinburgh Ladies' Pipe Band
06-07-2023Alan AESeolta Geala
06-07-2023Alan AE Ireland' Call
06-07-2023Alan AEShane O'Neill's March
05-28-2023hdpiperMarch of the King of Laois (Slow Air)
05-24-2023Alan AEMorven
05-10-2023LochielBonawe Highlanders, The
04-26-2023CJH1313STAR WARS Theme Complete
04-26-2023CJH1313STAR WARS Theme Complete (with notes)
04-19-2023JMacMrs. Flora Duncan
04-15-2023HDPiperPipe Major Robert Brown's Farewell to the Ballochbuie Forest 4 Pt 2-4 (RSPBA 2023)
04-06-2023bmeinHighland Laddie 6 Part
04-01-2023HDPiperGlen Caladh Castle 4Pt 2-4 (RSPBA 2018)
03-29-2023Hamish PhilipMolendinar
03-27-2023HDPiperKalabakan - reel x 4 Pt
03-26-2023hdpiperCaledonia Canal - strathspey - RSPBA 2016
03-24-2023bmeimSandy Duff
03-16-2023bmeinThe River Creed
03-04-2023CQ piperBraes Of Skreen
02-13-2023HDPiperPM Willie Gray's Farewell to Glasgow Police 2-4 RSPBA version
02-13-2023HDPiper25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut 2-4 x 4 Pt RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperKing George V's Army - 2-4 RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperFather John MacMillan of Barra 2-4 RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperMajor CM Usher OBE 2-4 RSPBA version
02-07-2023LochielArnish Light
01-25-2023Colonel James Menzies
01-14-2023The Mill In Ehe Glen
01-08-2023FiredubWild Mountain Thyme v2