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05-28-2023hdpiperMarch of the King of Laois (Slow Air)
05-24-2023Alan AEMorven
05-10-2023LochielBonawe Highlanders, The
04-26-2023CJH1313STAR WARS Theme Complete
04-26-2023CJH1313STAR WARS Theme Complete (with notes)
04-19-2023JMacMrs. Flora Duncan
04-15-2023HDPiperPipe Major Robert Brown's Farewell to the Ballochbuie Forest 4 Pt 2-4 (RSPBA 2023)
04-06-2023bmeinHighland Laddie 6 Part
04-01-2023HDPiperGlen Caladh Castle 4Pt 2-4 (RSPBA 2018)
03-29-2023Hamish PhilipMolendinar
03-27-2023HDPiperKalabakan - reel x 4 Pt
03-26-2023hdpiperCaledonia Canal - strathspey - RSPBA 2016
03-24-2023bmeimSandy Duff
03-16-2023bmeinThe River Creed
03-04-2023CQ piperBraes Of Skreen
02-13-2023HDPiperPM Willie Gray's Farewell to Glasgow Police 2-4 RSPBA version
02-13-2023HDPiper25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut 2-4 x 4 Pt RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperKing George V's Army - 2-4 RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperFather John MacMillan of Barra 2-4 RSPBA version
02-12-2023HDPiperMajor CM Usher OBE 2-4 RSPBA version
02-07-2023LochielArnish Light
01-25-2023Colonel James Menzies
01-14-2023The Mill In Ehe Glen
01-08-2023FiredubWild Mountain Thyme v2
12-23-2022hdpiperSetting A Course for Lewis v3
12-06-2022hdpiperHighland Whisky ( 2 Pt Strathspey - RSPBA Oct 2022)
12-06-2022MacDuffSoldiers of Christ - Strength to Strength
12-06-2022MacDuffOnward Christian Soldiers
11-28-2022LochielArdvasar Blacksmith, The
11-27-2022hdpiper2-4 Barnyards of Delgaty - RSPBA v2 Oct 2022
11-05-2022LochielMary Anne of Garradh na Mona
11-01-2022DD MillerA Japanese Song
10-23-2022The Flaggon
10-09-2022Barry Allen of Bli-Bli
10-02-2022Ca' The Ewes
10-02-2022Rob DuffSurrey Firefighters Pipes & Drums
10-02-2022Rob DuffPipe Major Mike McDonald of Surrey
09-25-2022bmeinLoch Tummelside
09-22-2022Miss Audrey MacLean
09-20-2022The Flying Scotsman
09-11-2022Colonel L.G. Jenks
09-05-2022bmeinMiss Ishabel T. MacDonald
09-02-2022bmeinPipe Major John MacLennon Gordon Highlanders
08-02-2022PiperRezShakey Fingers
07-13-2022B. Crittenden FreemanThe Duke Of Roxburgh's Farewell To The Black Mount Forest (For SmartPhone)
07-13-2022B. Crittenden FreemanThe Duke Of Roxburgh's Farewell To The Black Mount Forest (For Computer)
07-11-2022B. Crittenden FreemanPulling Bracken
07-11-2022Lochiel8th Argylls' Farewell to the 116th RĂ©giment de Ligne, The
07-09-2022B. Crittenden FreemanIt's A Long Way To Tipperary
07-09-2022Victor TorresPalästinalied
07-07-2022hdpiperWillie Cumming's Rant (4 Pt Reel - RSPBA)
07-07-2022TnBagpiperP.M. Sandy Jones Call To The Hills
07-06-2022hdpiperMiss Elspeth Campbell (2-4 RSPBA version)
06-26-2022Alan AEAngus MacKinnon of Eigg
06-22-2022bmeinMajor John MacLennon,Gordon Highlanders
06-16-2022bmeinThe Paps of Jura
06-07-2022hdpiperClumsy Lover, The (6 Pt hornpipe - compact version)
05-30-2022Halifax Sunrise - Bagpipe part performed by Fiuran
05-28-2022hdpiperBlack Sporran, The (Jig)
05-22-2022BmeinCraigmillar Castle
05-17-2022hdpiperNurse's Song 6-8 March
05-15-2022God Save the Queen
05-15-2022Bmeinmiss ainslie grant duff
05-11-2022BmeinThe Highland Brigade's Welcome Home From South Africa
05-03-2022N/ANational Anthem of Ukraine
05-01-2022hdpiperArniston Castle - RSPBA version
04-17-2022Leaving Eriskay
04-16-2022Leaving Eriskay
04-09-2022bmeinThe 24th Guards Brigade At Anzio
04-08-2022The Knightswood Highlanders
04-04-2022BmeinWillie's Gone To Melville Castle
03-30-2022Bruce MeinCampbeltown Loch
03-30-2022Bruce MeinMajor Moir of Villeveque
03-26-2022hdphilliMacPherson's Lament - slow air
03-25-2022hdphilliFriendly Piper, The
03-23-2022Bruce MeinCulduthel Park
03-14-2022LochielJoe McGann's Fiddle
03-10-2022John LudwigThe Drumming of the Grouse
02-28-2022Jud BNormandy Beaches
02-27-2022McLai Pipes & DrumsUkraine National Anthem
02-24-2022Gilbert MacKayWater of Tyne, The
01-17-2022SApiperDavid Ross of Rosehall
01-16-2022hdpiperEcho Lake - slow air
01-15-2022AitchDora MacLeod
01-15-2022AitchStruan Robertson
01-15-2022AitchSusan MacLeod
01-15-2022AitchMacBeths Strathspey
01-15-2022AitchGrey Bob
01-15-2022AitchMrs Macpherson of Inveran
01-15-2022AitchOver the Isles to America
01-15-2022AitchPretty Marion
01-15-2022AitchFairy Dance x 6
01-15-2022AitchHigh Road to Linton x 8
01-15-2022AitchJacky Latin x 6
01-15-2022AitchJock Wilsons Ball x 6
01-15-2022AitchPiper of Drummond x 6
12-21-2021hdpiperThe King & the Swan (slow air)
12-21-2021hdpiperKing and The Swan , The (slow air) v2
12-21-2021LochielMarchhall Crescent
12-01-2021AitchAuld Lang Syne v3
12-01-2021AitchWay Old Friends D0
12-01-2021AitchMuss i'denn?
12-01-2021AitchWill ye no come back again
12-01-2021AitchHugh Kennedy MA BSc
12-01-2021AitchMacLean of Pennycross
12-01-2021AitchMen of Argyll
12-01-2021AitchMrs John MacColl
12-01-2021AitchChestnut Tree
12-01-2021AitchDaisy Daisy
12-01-2021AitchJust a Song at Twilight
12-01-2021AitchMy Old Dutch
12-01-2021AitchShow me way 2 go home
12-01-2021AitchWhen I grow too Old to Dream
12-01-2021AitchSide by Side
11-21-2021hdpiperThe Fox Hunter's Jig (slip jig)
11-10-2021Bessie MacIntyreBessie MacIntyre
11-10-2021Bessie MacIntyreBessie MacIntyre
11-10-2021Graham GrieveThe Mount Vernon Streaker
10-17-2021Bruce BeavisWoman of the House
10-10-2021Ramon A A AllenPerfect
08-29-2021Ramon A A AllenColonel MacLeod
08-28-2021Wee Michael's March
08-28-2021AitchWillie MacBride
08-28-2021AitchGreen Fields of France
08-28-2021Mike DupuisGary Denham
08-28-2021Mike DupuisMarisa's Jig
08-24-2021Parker Henderson
08-24-2021Bessie Weatherston
08-24-2021Mike DupuisCamden Pipers, The
08-22-2021Piper to the End
08-22-2021The Sleeping Tune
08-19-2021Gilbert MacKayMar a tha (The way it is)
07-19-2021Dave OttoPipe Major Dave Dakin
07-19-2021Dave OttoDavy Split Nose
06-17-2021Calm before the storm
06-10-2021Rob DuffDiu Regnare
06-03-2021Jason FitchGod Bless America (seconds)
06-03-2021Jason FitchDawning of the Day w/ seconds
04-13-2021Urquhart Castle
04-05-202191st At Modder River
04-04-2021firedubThe Wind That Shakes The Barley_Drowsey Maggie
04-04-2021firedubBlackeyed Biddie
03-29-2021Jock Broon's 70th
03-29-2021Jason SmithwickGalway Girl
03-17-2021Bram de GraafKenny Gillies of Portnalong
03-17-2021Bram de GraafThe Black Mill aka Am Muileann Dubh aka the Oyster Wive's Rant
03-17-2021Bram de GraafThe Black Mill aka Am Muileann Dubh aka the Oyster Wive's Rant V2
03-17-2021Bram de GraafThe Farmer's Daughter aka The Aberarder Rant
03-17-2021Bram de GraafThe Farmer's Daughter aka The Aberarder Rant
03-17-2021Glibert MacKayOrd of Caithness, The (Strathspey)
03-13-2021Murray's RegimentLimburgs Volkslied
03-09-2021Paddy McGintyHighland Wedding Hornpipe
03-09-2021Paddy McGintyCameronian Rant Hornpipe
03-02-2021Paddy McGintyDrum Major John Seton
03-02-2021Paddy McGintyStool of Repentence
03-02-2021Paddy McGintyDoctor E.G MacKinnon
03-01-2021Miss Mary Grant Of Lochgelly
02-25-2021firedubDrowsey Maggie
02-20-2021firedubThe Yellow Haired Tinker
02-14-2021Breton's Welcome To Bob Turner
02-13-2021The Adelaide University Regiment In The Hills Of Delamere
02-06-2021PipertelJimmy Blue 2 Part
02-04-2021firedubWexford Hornpipe
02-04-2021firedubHarvest Home v2
02-03-2021John MacleodLockdown Jig
02-03-2021John MacleodLockdown Jig
02-02-2021Pipe Major Alexander McIntosh
02-01-2021Alan AECaptain Duncan MacGregor
01-28-2021LochielCaptain Craig Brown
01-14-2021hdphilliHearken My Love ( (An cluinn thu leannain)?
01-04-2021hdphillioer The Hills and Far Away - 2/4 March / arr J McLachlan
01-02-2021Iain DewarGeorge Henry Gillies