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05-25-2020hdphilliGoing Home - slow air
05-25-2020hdphilliLochaber No More - lament
05-25-2020hdphilliCha Till McCruimein (MacCrimmon Will Never Return) - lament
05-23-2020BlooCaptain M.G. Bax
05-22-2020davidThe Jetty Foreshores
05-22-2020firedubRaigmore v2
05-11-2020hdphilli Rakes Of Kildare, The - Jig
05-11-2020hdphilliBrose & Butter (Up and Down Again) - slip jig
05-11-2020hdphilli Drops Of Brandy - slip jig
05-11-2020hdphilliMurdo Lamont's Spree - reel RSPBA
05-11-2020Mollie42nd's Farewell to Edinburgh, The
05-02-2020Gilbert MacKayOrd of Caithness, The
04-27-2020Archie JohnstonA Demented Giraffe
04-21-2020highland cathedral
04-20-2020hdphilliPaddy Be Easy - Jig
04-20-2020hdphilliRakes Of Kildare, The - jig
04-20-2020hdphilliBrose and Butter (Up and Down Again) - Slip Jig
04-20-2020hdphilliDrops of Brandy - Slip Jig
04-20-2020hdphilliCha Till MacCruimein (MacCrimmon Will Never Return) - Lament
04-20-2020hdphilliAlick Cameron, Champion Piper - Reel
04-20-2020hdphilliBessie MacIntyre - Reel
04-20-2020hdphilliBig Ship, The - Reel
04-20-2020hdphilliCabar Feidh - Reel
04-19-2020hdphilliMockingbird - Jig
04-19-2020hdphilliMrs Ann Gloag of Balcraig - Jig
04-19-2020hdphilliOld Woman's Dance - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliBarbara's Jig - 2 part
04-17-2020hdphilliBoys of the Lough, The. jig
04-17-2020hdphilliCabar Feidh - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilli Craigdarroch Arms - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliDonella Beaton - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliFittie Boatman, The - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliFlee the Glen - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliGoatherd & The Shepherd, The - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliGold Ring, The - jig
04-17-2020hdphilliHarlow's Fancy - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliHoney in The Bag - 2 Part jig
04-17-2020hdphilliHoney in the Bag - Jig
04-17-2020hdphilliKesh Jig, The - Jig
04-16-2020hdphilliJimmy Blue - hornpipe
04-16-2020hdphilliLadies' Hornpipe, The
04-16-2020hdphilliPM George Allan
04-16-2020hdphilliRed Fox Hornpipe, The
04-16-2020hdphilliSandy's New Chanter, Hornpipe
04-16-2020hdphilliSorcerer, The. Hornpipe
04-16-2020hdphilliWalrus, The. Hornpipe
04-16-2020hdphilliAmazing Grace, BCPA massed band version
04-16-2020hdphilliAsh Grove, The. Hymn
04-16-2020hdphilliCwm Rhondda. Hymn
04-16-2020hdphilli Ceilidh At Alexandria's. Jig
04-16-2020hdphilliJig of Slurs
04-16-2020hdphilliBanjo Breakdown - Jig
04-15-2020hdphilliHighland Laddie - RSPBA version
04-15-2020hdphilliItchy Fingers - 4 part hornpipe
04-13-2020Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness
04-13-2020Invergordon's Welcome to Queen Elizabeth II
04-11-2020firedubMason's Apron. The v4
04-11-2020hdphilliCabar Feidh - hornpipe
04-11-2020hdphilliDonald MacLeod - hornpipe
04-11-2020hdphilliDr A.J. Hornpipe
04-11-2020hdphilliDrunken Sailor
04-11-2020hdphilliGordon MacRae`s Favourite
04-11-2020hdphilliHair Of The Dog
04-07-2020hdphilliWhen the Piper Plays
04-07-2020hdphilliSeann Triubhas
04-07-2020hdphilliAcid Piper
04-06-2020Castle Rock Cheleidh
04-06-2020hdphilliMorag of Dunvegan
04-06-2020hdphilliScots Wha Hae
04-06-2020hdphilliSine Bhan ( Fair Jean)
04-06-2020hdphilliSleep Dearie, Sleep
04-06-2020hdphilliThe Haunting
04-06-2020hdphilliWater Is Wide, The
04-05-2020hdphilliMists of Time, The
04-02-2020hdphilliHector the Hero
04-02-2020hdphilliHighland Cradle Song, The
04-02-2020hdphilliLoch Duich
04-02-2020hdphilliLoch Rannoch
04-02-2020hdphilliMacPherson's Lament
04-02-2020hdphilliCailinn Mo Ruinsa (The Maid I Adore)
04-02-2020hdphilliMairi Bhan Og (My Fair Mary)
04-01-2020hdphilliDream Angus
04-01-2020hdphilliFair Maid of Barra, The
04-01-2020hdphilliFear A' Bhata (The Boatman)
04-01-2020hdphilliFlower of Scotland, The
03-29-2020hdphilliAe Fond Kiss
03-29-2020hdphilliAshokan Farewell
03-29-2020hdphilli Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon
03-29-2020hdphilliCarles Wi' The Breeks, The
03-29-2020hdphilli Chi Mi'n Toman
03-29-2020hdphilliChrodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)
03-29-2020hdphilliCome By The Hills
03-28-2020hdphilli Mingulay Boat Song
03-28-2020hdphilli Sleeping Tune
03-26-2020hdphilli Dark Island, The
03-26-2020hdphilliFair Swan, The
03-25-2020Brechin Castle
03-25-2020hdphilliGlasgow Week In Hamburg
03-25-2020hdphilliGreen Glens of Antrim, The
03-25-2020hdphilliUp To The Line
03-24-2020My Jig
03-24-2020hdphilli Two Pints O' Heavy
03-24-2020hdphilliBathgate Highland Gathering
03-24-2020hdphilliBrose and Butter
03-24-2020hdphilliDonald MacPhee
03-24-2020hdphilliHeather Grant of Strathyre
03-24-2020hdphilliRoyal Mile, The
03-24-2020hdphilliBrigadier Snow
03-23-2020Gilbert MacKaySweet Biddy Daly (Health to the Ladies)
03-22-2020hdphilliNurse's Song ( or Taladh), The
03-22-2020hdphilliPiobaireachd O' Donald Dubh
03-22-2020hdphilliNurse's Song v2
03-22-2020hdphilliOld Adam (Auld Adam)
03-22-2020hdphilliOnaping Falls
03-22-2020hdphilliTug Argan Gap
03-21-2020hdphilliLoch Lomond
03-21-2020hdphilliMidlothian Pipe Band, The
03-21-2020hdphilliMorag of Dunvegan
03-21-2020hdphilliMrs Lily Christie
03-21-2020hdphilliMurdo MacKenzie of Torridon
03-21-2020LochielSprig of Ivy, The
03-20-2020hdphilliHot Punch
03-20-2020hdphilliJean Mauchline
03-20-2020hdphilliJohn D Burgess
03-19-2020hdphilliDrumming of the Grouse, The
03-19-2020hdphilliHector The Hero
03-19-2020hdphilliMingulay Boat Song, The
03-19-2020hdphilliHeights Of Cassino, The
03-17-2020hdphilliBraemar Gathering, The
03-17-2020hdphilliBrothers Three
03-17-2020hdphilliCameron MacFadyen
03-17-2020hdphilliMarch of The Cameron Men
03-17-2020hdphilliCampbells Are Coming, The
03-17-2020hdphilliCock O' The North - 4 Part
03-17-2020hdphilliColonel Robertson
03-17-2020hdphilliDonald MacLean of Lewis
03-16-2020hdphilli10th Highland Light Ibnfantry crossing The Rhine< The
03-16-2020hdphilliO Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
03-16-2020hdphilliAll The Blue Bonnets Over The Border
03-16-2020hdphilliBonnie Dundee
03-16-2020hdphilliCock O' The North - 2 Part
03-12-2020J-F StephanFrench Cancan
03-07-2020ZootieMajor Manson at Clachantrushal
03-06-2020hdphilliMacRae Meadow
03-06-2020hdphilliMaple Leaf Forever, The
03-06-2020hdphilliLoch Ruan
03-06-2020hdphilliScotch On The Rocks
03-06-2020hdphilliSoldier's Return, The
03-06-2020hdphilliChildren, The 4-4 March
03-06-2020hdphilliThistle of Scotland
03-06-2020hdphilli Vive la Canadienne
03-06-2020hdphilliWaltzing Matilda
03-06-2020hdphilliWearing O'The Green
03-06-2020hdphilliCullen Bay
03-05-2020Paul & JeannieGARRYOWEN
03-04-2020hdphilliBadge Of Scotland, The
03-04-2020hdphilliBonnie House of Airlee
03-04-2020hdphilli Campbell of Glenlyon
03-04-2020hdphilliCockney Jocks
03-04-2020hdphilliBonnie Lass of Fyvie, The
03-04-2020hdphilliCrags of Tumbledown Mountain
03-04-2020hdphilliFarewell to Camraw & harmony
03-04-2020hdphilliGallawa' Hills, The
03-04-2020hdphilliGarb of Old Gaul, The
03-04-2020hdphilliIrish Guards Welcome To Toronto
03-04-2020hdphilli Jimmy Findlater
03-04-2020hdphilliLeaving of Liverpool
03-04-2020hdphilliLoch Lomond
03-01-2020hdphilliBonnie Langille's March
03-01-2020hdphilliCampsie Hills
03-01-2020hdphilliDream Valley of Glendaruel
03-01-2020hdphilliGreen Hills of Tyrol - BCPA version
03-01-2020hdphilliWhen The Battle's O'er - BCPA version
03-01-2020hdphilliHeros of Ortona, The
03-01-2020hdphilliHighland Brigade at Magersfontein, The
03-01-2020hdphilliLoch Maree
03-01-2020hdphilliLord Byron
03-01-2020hdphilliCha Till MacCruimein (Macrimmon Will Never Return)
03-01-2020hdphilliMingulay Boat Song, The
03-01-2020hdphilliNameless - retreat march
03-01-2020hdphilliNorris Farm
03-01-2020hdphilliLongest Day, The
03-01-2020hdphilli51st Highland Division, The
03-01-2020hdphilliAt Long Last
03-01-2020hdphilliAuld Hoose, The
02-28-2020hdphilli Angus MacDonald
02-28-2020hdphilliDream Valley of Glendaruel
02-28-2020hdphilliAshokan Farewell
02-28-2020hdphilliDunkirk Gallant Boatman
02-28-2020hdphilliShoals of Herring
02-28-2020hdphilliLand of Trees
02-28-2020hdphilliBanks of Allan Water
02-28-2020hdphilliBoats at Dunkirk, The
02-26-2020hdphilliLady Lever Park - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliLiberton Boys Polka
02-26-2020hdphilliMiss Delicia Chisholm - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliMrs HL MacDonlad of Dunach - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliMuir of Ord - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliNeil Gow's Farewell to Whisky
02-26-2020hdphilliO'ere The Hills and Far Away
02-26-2020hdphilliPipe Major Gray's Farewell - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliPrince Charles Welcome to Lochaber - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliRoad to The Isles
02-26-2020hdphilliHeilan' Laddie
02-26-2020hdphilliRoss's Farewell to 2nd Scots Guards
02-26-2020hdphilliRoss-Shire Volunteers Farewell to Edinburgh
02-26-2020hdphilliSiege of Delhi - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilliTaking of Beaumont Hamel
02-26-2020hdphilliWalter Douglas - RSPBA version
02-26-2020hdphilli1King George V's Army
02-25-2020hdphilliAustralian Ladies
02-25-2020hdphilliBack of Benachie
02-25-2020hdphilliBalmoral Highlanders
02-25-2020hdphilliBarnyards of Delgaty
02-25-2020hdphilliBrown Haired Maiden - RSPBA version
02-25-2020hdphilliBurning of The piper's Hut - RSPBA 4-part version
02-25-2020hdphilliCaller Herrin'
02-25-2020hdphilliCampbell's Farewell to Redcastle
02-25-2020hdphilliCapt Norman Orr Ewing - RSPBA version
02-25-2020hdphilliCaptain Grant
02-25-2020hdphilli Clan MacColl
02-25-2020hdphilli Clan MaCrae Society
02-25-2020hdphilliDetroit Highlanders
02-25-2020hdphilli Donald Blue
02-25-2020hdphilliDornoch Links - RSPBA version
02-25-2020hdphilliDugald MacColl's Farewell to France
02-25-2020hdphilliDuncan MacInnes - RSPBA version
02-25-2020hdphilliDundee Military Tattoo - RSPBA version
02-25-2020hdphilliEdinburgh City Police Pipe Band
02-25-2020hdphilli Gay Gordons, The
02-25-2020hdphilliGlen Caladh Castle RSPBA
02-25-2020hdphilliHaughs of Cromdale RSPBA
02-25-2020hdphilli Hey Johnny Cope
02-25-2020hdphilliHills of Perth - pointed version - RSPBA 4-part
02-25-2020hdphilliHills of Perth - round version
02-25-2020hdphilliHugh Kennedy RSPBA veersion
02-25-2020hdphilli Inverness Gathering
02-25-2020hdphilli Isle of Barra March
02-25-2020hdphilliJenny's Bawbee PPBSO version
02-25-2020hdphilliJimmy Young
02-23-2020hdphilli2-4 Earl of Mansfield's March 3-part
02-23-2020hdphilli2-4 Achany Glen - RSPBA version
02-23-2020hdphilli92nd Gordon Highlanders' March
02-23-2020hdphilliArthur Bignold of Lochrosque
02-23-2020hdphilli2-4 Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering - RSPBA version
02-23-2020hdphilli2-4 Auchmountains' Bonnie Glen - RSPBA version
02-22-2020hdphilliTHE 2nd RHODESIAN REGIMENT
02-22-2020hdphilli51st Highland Division at Wadi Akarit
02-22-2020hdphilli72nd Highlanders' Farewell To Aberdeen 2-4
02-22-2020hdphilli79th's Farewell to Gibraltar 2-4 RSPBA 4-part version
02-21-2020hdphillipipe major george allan
02-21-2020hdphilli25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut
02-05-2020Paul & JeannieVE 75 YEARS
01-27-2020Lochanside v4
01-19-2020Captain KringelHurlocks Reel
01-11-2020AitchMr & Mrs Alex Ross
01-11-2020AitchAtholl Highlanders 8
01-05-2020Captain KringelTaste for blood
01-03-2020LocheilMrs MacLeod of Raasay (4 parts)
12-23-2019A CanadianPenelope's Song
12-23-2019BWWKenmure's up and awa
12-23-2019Kenmure's Kenmure's up and awa
12-19-2019AitchDonald ross of Vancouver
12-19-2019AitchBattle of Loos
11-27-2019J HalsteadLarach Alasdair
11-16-2019Alan AEHeather grant of strathyre
11-16-2019Alan AEThe Armistice 1918
11-11-2019God Bless America
11-10-2019A CanadianBaxter and Bo
11-08-2019A CanadianThe Triumph
11-08-2019A CanadianBring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella
11-08-2019A CanadianThe Heroes of Ortona
11-07-2019Richard Dwyer's
11-06-2019LochielJewels of the Ocean, The
11-01-2019firedubThe Irish Wedding Song v1
10-30-2019A CanadianThe Last Post
10-17-2019IainIrish Wedding Song (The)
10-11-2019Glory to Hong Kong
09-30-2019Gilbert MacKayShall We Gather At The River?
09-14-2019LochielPeggy, my darling (A Pheigi, a ghraidh
08-25-2019Last of the Summer Wine
08-25-2019Tony DolphinPenny Arcade
08-25-2019Tony DolphinFeliz Navidad
08-25-2019Tony DolphinChariots of Fire
08-25-2019Tony DolphinTime on my Hands
08-22-2019Thomas HerwigPiobaireachd of Donald Dhu
08-21-2019Thomas HerwigPiobaireachd of Donald Dhu
08-18-2019Friedrich ChristiansenMiss Madelyn Madsen
08-10-2019Gilbert MacKayMrs Jamieson's Favourite
07-29-2019A Cup of Tea
07-29-2019Cabar Feidh Reel
07-29-2019Caber Feidh Hornpipe
07-29-2019Caber Feidh Strathspey
07-29-2019For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
07-29-2019Rocking the Baby
07-29-2019The Phoenix
07-22-2019Dan MurphyA Nation Once Again_Fixed2ndPartRepeat
07-19-2019The Cameronian Rant Reel
06-30-2019Colonel H.H. Burney's Farewell to the Gordon Highlanders
06-30-2019Bruce BeavisAlfred E. Milne
06-30-2019Bruce BeavisIron Division (The)
06-30-2019Bruce BeavisConon Bridge
06-30-2019Bruce BeavisInverlochy
06-28-2019Angus McPheeWaltzing Matilda
06-25-2019Bruce BeavisAllan Gilmore, Tom of Canna
06-12-201942nd Highlanders
05-28-2019The Dawning of the Day
05-28-2019Paul & JeanniePipe Band March Chieftains
05-01-2019Scott Wright Castleview House
04-25-2019Christmas Carousing
04-25-2019Drops of Brandy
04-25-2019Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran
04-25-2019The Ale is Dear
04-25-2019The Eavesdropper
04-25-2019The Korgi
04-25-2019The Lilting Banshee
04-25-2019The Marley Jig
04-21-2019Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie
04-21-2019Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie
04-19-2019Achany Glen
04-19-2019Lexy McAskill
04-19-2019The Caledonian Canal
04-15-2019LochielGoat Hill (Tom an t-Searraich)
04-04-2019Stornoway Bay
04-01-2019The Cameron Quickstep (Henderson's March)
04-01-2019The Cameron Quickstep (Henderson's March)
04-01-2019Desert Storm
04-01-2019The B-52
03-30-2019Paddy McGinty's Goat with Harmony
03-24-2019Paul & JeannieLili Marlene
03-15-2019Pressed For Time
03-15-2019The Gravel Walk
03-10-2019Lord Lovat's Lament
03-10-2019The Banjo Breakdown
03-10-2019The Road to the Isles
03-10-2019The Road to the Isles, The v4
03-06-2019The Congress Reel
03-06-2019The Silver Spear
03-04-2019As Good As It Gets
03-04-2019Jimmy's Gift
03-04-2019The Hellbound Train
03-04-2019Tripping Up The Stairs
03-02-2019Rhu Vaternish
03-02-2019The Flower of Scotland
03-02-2019The Skye Boat Song
03-01-2019DFSThe Banks Of Lochiel
02-24-2019Anchors Aweigh v2
02-21-2019Donald Cameron's Powderhorn
02-21-2019John Patterson's Mare
02-21-2019The Foxhunter
02-21-2019The Sheepwife
02-21-2019Thunderstruck - Angus Thing
02-21-2019Thunderstruck - Jig
02-21-2019Thunderstruck - Angus Thing
02-20-2019Paul & JeannieExit Plan
02-14-2019The Cameronian Rant - Jig
02-14-2019The Clumsy Lover
02-14-2019The Mason's Apron
02-14-2019The Train Journey North
02-12-2019Susan MacLeod
02-12-2019The Clan MacRae Society
02-08-2019Biddy From Sligo
02-08-2019Paddy O'Rafferty
02-08-2019The Cameronian Rant
02-08-2019The Devil in the Kitchen
02-08-2019The Fourth Floor
02-08-2019The Little Cascade
02-08-2019The Sound of Sleat
02-08-2019The Wisemaiden
02-08-2019Paul & JeannieAnnie_Mac_Braid
02-06-2019LochielIsla MacLeod
02-06-2019LochielPony Gallop, The
02-03-2019Paul & JeannieAnnie Mac Braid updated v1
02-03-2019Paul & JeannieAnnie Mac Braid
02-03-2019Paul & JeannieAnnie Mac Braid
02-02-2019Paul & JeannieFirefighters Lament
02-02-2019Paul & JeannieWarwick The Flowering Rose
02-02-2019Paul & JeannieAnnie Mac Braid
01-31-2019Castle Dangerous
01-31-2019The Bloody Fields of Flanders
01-31-2019The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
01-31-2019The Keel Row
01-31-2019The Smith's A Gallant Fireman
01-31-2019When The Battle Is Over
01-31-2019Yester House
01-19-2019Bruce Gandy's Dusty Chanter
01-19-2019Leaving Arisaig
01-19-2019Up To The Line
12-29-2018seanskyeFàg a Phiob Bhochd
12-29-2018seanskyeCeann Loch An Dùin
12-28-2018Andy Renwicks Ferret
12-28-2018Beaches of Harris
12-28-2018Calleach an Dudain (The Old Wife of the Mill Dust)
12-28-2018Ian Green of Greentrax
12-28-2018Jenny Dang The Weaver
12-28-2018Jim Tweedie's Sea-Legs
12-28-2018Jimmy Blue
12-28-2018Lorient Mornings
12-28-2018Madame Bonaparte
12-28-2018Munlochy Bridge
12-28-2018The Atholl Highlanders
12-28-2018The Hag at the Churn
12-28-2018The Whiskey Boeys
12-28-2018Upside Down In Eden Court
12-28-2018Zeeto The Bubbleman
12-28-2018Madame Bonaparte
12-25-2018seanskyeThe Grey Bob
12-03-2018Acid Piper
12-03-2018Advance to the East
12-03-2018Afternoon at the Green Monster
12-03-2018Advance to the East v2
12-03-2018Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
12-03-2018Annette's Chatter
12-03-2018Athole Cummers
12-03-2018Atholl Cummers
12-03-2018Back in Black
12-03-2018Ballintore Hornpipe
12-03-2018Bobbie Cuthbertson
12-03-2018Bronni's Blue Brozzi
12-03-2018Ceilidh Lines
12-03-2018Cork Hill
12-03-2018Cosmos Cascade
12-03-2018Crossing the Minch
12-03-2018Cullen Bay - Seconds
12-03-2018Cullen Bay
12-03-2018Deputy Chief Wingate
12-03-2018Desert Storm
12-03-2018Dirty Bee
12-03-2018Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering
12-03-2018Duncan Johnstone
12-03-2018Eddie the Penguin
12-03-2018Elizabeth Kelly's Delight
12-03-2018Eric Stein
12-03-2018Farewell to Nigg
12-03-2018Flett From Flotta
12-03-2018Fulton Eyes
12-03-2018Good Drying
12-03-2018Hector the Hero
12-03-2018Itchy Fingers
12-03-2018John Morrison of Assynt House
12-03-2018Kelsey's Wee Reel
12-03-2018Leaving Port Askaig
12-03-2018Lexy McAskill
12-03-2018Lord Alexander Kennedy
12-03-2018Malts on the Optics
12-03-2018Mrs. Lily Christie
12-03-2018Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay
12-03-2018On Evil
12-03-2018Out of the Air
12-03-2018Paddy's Leather Breeches
12-03-2018Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis
12-03-2018Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis
12-03-2018Rab's Wedding
12-03-2018Ronda Blair
12-03-2018Rory MacLeod
12-03-2018Sandy's New Chanter
12-03-2018She Moved Through The Fair
12-03-2018Smith's A Gallant Fireman
12-03-2018Stevie's First Bar
12-03-2018The Battle of Waterloo
12-03-2018The Big Birl
12-03-2018The Blue Cloud
12-03-2018The Conundrum
12-03-2018The Crusaders
12-03-2018The Curlew
12-03-2018The Deer Run
12-03-2018The Duck
12-03-2018The Dust Gatherer
12-03-2018The Gladiator
12-03-2018The Glasgow City Police Pipers
12-03-2018The Hammer on the Anvil
12-03-2018The Hard Drive
12-03-2018The Hen and the Turkey
12-03-2018The Hen's March
12-03-2018The High Drive
12-03-2018The Highland Wedding
12-03-2018The Iron Man
12-03-2018The Jig of Slurs
12-03-2018The Jolly Beggarman
12-03-2018The Kansas City Hornpipe
12-03-2018The Last Tango In Harris
12-03-2018The Master Blasters
12-03-2018The Mist Covered Mountains (Chi Mi Na Morbheanna) - Seconds
12-03-2018The Mist Covered Mountains (Chi Mi Na Morbheanna)
12-03-2018The Morning Dew
12-03-2018The Octagon
12-03-2018The Pumkin's Fancy
12-03-2018The Radar Racketeer
12-03-2018The Red Coat (An Coata Ruadh)
12-03-2018The Sandpiper
12-03-2018The Seagull
12-03-2018The Shepherd's Crook
12-03-2018The Sleeping Tune
12-03-2018The Sorcerer
12-03-2018The Swaggering Jig
12-03-2018The Three Prophets
12-03-2018The Walrus
12-03-2018Troy's Wedding
12-03-2018Uphold the Right
12-03-2018Willie Gray
11-27-2018Philipp DollThe Gail
11-25-2018Todd BircherFahey's Return
11-12-2018Alan AEAngus J. MACNEIL
11-12-2018Alan AEA Dream Afore Ye Go
11-05-2018LochielChrissie MacLeod
09-12-2018Shenandoah v2
09-12-2018Bells of Dunblane, The v2
09-11-2018The Little Cascade
09-11-2018163 Pipes & DrumsThe Boys of the Blue Hill
09-02-2018The drowning plains
09-01-2018Sunset of the Somme
09-01-2018Sunset on the Somme - Small Pipe Version
08-31-2018Dream Valley of Glendaruel Harmony, The v2
08-29-2018Kyleigh's Waltz
08-27-2018DFSThe Day Dream
08-22-2018BagpipeAtholl and breadalbane gathering
08-16-2018Dream Valley of Glendaruel Harmony, The
08-16-2018Sir Colin Campbell's Farewell to the Crimea Harmony
08-13-2018GeorgepiperSgt. MacKenzie
08-11-2018GeorgepiperLong Island Jig
08-11-2018GeorgepiperPipe Major J. K. Cairns
08-09-2018Dream Valley of Glendaruel, The
08-05-2018Amazing Grace w/ Harmony
07-09-2018McFannikOh Susannah
07-08-2018Sir Colin Campbell's Farewell to the Crimea
06-27-2018God Save Ireland
06-27-2018Kelly The Boy From Killane v2
06-27-2018Rose of Allandale, The v2
06-25-2018MacRae Meadow 2nds
06-22-2018Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, The v2
06-22-2018Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, The 2nds
06-22-2018MacRae Meadow
05-16-2018Cullen Bay
05-02-2018DFSBarren Rocks of Aden-The
05-02-2018DFSLord Lovat's Lament
04-28-2018DFSMacgregor of Rora
04-28-2018DFSMacgregor of Rora
04-28-2018DFSMacgregor of Rora
04-24-2018Rob DuffLorraine's Tune
04-24-2018Rob DuffGreen Fields of France, The
04-24-2018Rob DuffGreen Willis
04-24-2018Rob DuffClocks
04-23-2018rory gallagher
04-15-2018Rob DuffCajun Chanson
04-14-2018Dark Island, The v2
04-08-2018Gilbert MacKayMarchioness of Tullibardine's Welcome to Blair Castle, The
03-31-2018Road to the Isles
03-29-2018MarcusSt Patrick
03-29-2018MarcusGarry Owen
03-29-2018MarcusRory O'More
03-28-2018Alan AE The Children Of LARBERT
03-28-2018Alan AEColm Hugh MURRER
03-25-2018Alan AE127. The Abbey Craig Burns Club Diamond Jubille March
03-25-2018Alan AEAdam HAUGH
03-24-2018AitchLove of a Princess
03-24-2018AitchBattle of Loos 25.09.1915
03-24-2018AitchFairytale of New York
03-24-2018AitchNavy Hymn - Eternal Father
03-24-2018AitchYo Nepali - RGR March
03-24-2018AitchWillie McBride
03-24-2018AitchGreen Fields of France
03-24-2018AitchIl Silencio
03-23-2018Alan AEStraiton Place
03-23-2018Alan AEThe Three Button Polka
03-14-2018LochielLord MacPherson of Drumochter
02-18-2018Gilbert MacKayDòmhnall na Grèine (Donald of the Sun, or Thady you Gander)
02-15-2018ellan vannin
01-29-2018Alan AEThe Rhodesian Regiment
01-28-2018Alan AEArthur Gillies, KILCHRENAN
01-28-2018Alan AEPipe Major Jimmy BANKS
01-28-2018Alan AEPipe Major John ROE B.E.M